Stuart Christie


Also known as Corde Lisse, a vertical apparatus, somewhat similar to the Aerial Silks, though with the simplicity of one strand. The weight and thickness of the rope, gives the artist, more reliable control to throw, release, catch, wrap, and swing, creating the possibility of a more acrobatic approach to Aerial Circus. This class covers the transition to the more contemporary tempo, flare, release and twist style in it’s multiple variations, from the traditional drop and hold position approach of most vertical apparatus. Along with this, physical conditioning pathways for more advanced positioning are covered. Some particular tricks covered are “full twist re-catch”, “vertical roll ups”, and “Handstands on the rope”.

I have been performing solo for the last 3 years with my special style of character based circus. But prior was with Dos or Duo. And Circus Oz. I have run multiple circus Caberetd in Albury called “A Little Bit of Shhh where I showcased many new acts”.