Spenser Inwood & Sharon Gruenert

Petite Volante, Acro for Smaller Bases

Basing and flying building blocks Tips, tricks and drills for creating efficiency when your flyer is not that much smaller then you. Building blocks to standing acro skills, hand to hand, three highs and pitching/tumbling. Petite volante. All Levels flyers and catches.

We have been working together in Circus Oz for the last two years. Performing adagio, cradle and other group acrobatics.

Spenser: aerialist, acrobat, strong, short, Fruit Fly, Circus Oz, maker, womens circus, curly hair, big laugh, plays well with others.

Sharon: acrobat & flyer, Circus Oz, Dislocate, Strange Fruit & Cirque du Soleil. 30 years of standing backsaults