Jamie Bretman, Simon Wright, Jack Coleman


Don’t just think outside the box, get out of it and get a little silly. Look at new ways to use your prop/skill get the most out of your apparatus. Explore what your equipment can do or be, using a combination of clowning techniques, character work and imagination. Give life to everyday objects maybe even make a new circus apparatus and not take your self too seriously.

Jamie Bretman: the wise bearded strongman who can be found taking more interest in the festival chatting about the current politics of the Australian circus community. His circus interests are adagio/hand to hand, clowning and pass juggling.

Simon Wright: can be found bouncing around from one circus workshop to the next with a big grin on his face being a circus sponge, it is only a matter of time before he perfects the hula pingpong unicycle stunt. His circus interests are unicycling, balance ladder, juggling and now hula!

Jack Coleman: is the chiller of the trio, he doesn’t mind sitting back and enjoying it all from afar letting others have a go first before he does. His circus interests are adagio/hand2hand, handstands, pass juggling and fire spinning.