Sarah Berrell

Swing Pitch

Basic to intermediate tricks and technique for throwing each other into the air.

It has been said by her parents that Sarah emerged from the womb doing cartwheels. She was put into gymnastics at a young age, and often prioritised jumping on her backyard trampoline over school assignments. However, it was her discovery of acting that shaped her as a teenager, completing her high school studies at The Mcdonald College of Performing Arts, and performing with Australian Theatre for Young People and Legs On The Wall. She also took up competitive sports acrobatics as working within a group suited her best. After managing to tumble in every theatre performance, she realised her heart was drawn to circus, and began training at Sydney’s Aerialise and Melbourne’s SPIN Circus Academy. A year later, Sarah managed to get accepted into NICA after auditioning with a broken leg! She currently trains full time specialising in partner acrobatics, cloud swing and banquine.