Rachael Gibson

Myofascial Roll & Release, Yin Yoga

Warm down at the end of each day and help your body last throughout the training week! These long hold stretches and targeted trigger point release techniques will help your body release tension at the end of each training day, calming the nervous system and helping you recover and be ready for the following days.

Myofascial Roll & Release (MFR) is rolling in a targeted way on a ball (tennis ball or other similar) or foam roller to encourage the release of tension in particular muscles. It is a wonderful form of self massage.

Yin Yoga involves long holds of postures (2-5 minutes) which encourages the main body of the muscles to relax and then the connective tissues begin to be accessed, lengthened and released.

I have been training circus skills since 1998, focusing on performing a wide range of aerials along with acrobalance and hula hooping. In 2003 I made the transition to also teaching a variety of those skills. Along the way I have been practicing yoga, and observing the benefits of my yoga practise on my circus training and performance, in terms of mental focus, body awareness, and body care/longevity. Now in my early 40’s, my focus has shifted from so much hardcore training, towards more general awareness and body maintenance, aiming to retain my skills and abilities and age gracefully with limited pain! In 2015 I studied yoga teaching and have been teaching several classes a week since then, whilst still keeping a hand in the circus world.