Nigel Martin



Nigel Martin is a comic vaudevillian performer who has been entertaining large and enthusiastic audiences worldwide across Australia for the last 20 years. With his ferocious energy & endearing, charismatic wit, Nigel is a true comic genius and one of Australia’s finest jugglers. Nigel can be seen under other guises performing with ‘Slack Taxi’ and Australia’s Lunar Circus. While performing in his hometown of Adelaide, Nigel caught the attention of Australian film director Rolf de Heer and was cast to play the lead role in his internationally acclaimed film ‘Dr Plonk’.
Nigel is the brains behind the unique design and construction of the Bamboozled venues and also composes the music for most of his performances.

“The Montrealers & I were amazed with his work; he has excellent pacing, has great charisma and has a good interaction with the public. He is a high quality performer and a total professional.”
Andre Perusse, Just for Laughs, Artistic Director