Natano Fa’anana, Jesse Scott, Lachlan McAulay, Kali Retallack, Phoebe Carlson

Act Development

For all ages and levels. Whether it be just an idea or an act that needs some dusting or new eyes. All acts or ideas can benefit from a new set of eyes. Casus Circus’ act development workshop focuses on ways of approaching act creation and development. Includes act brain storming, skill development, improvisation, performance drills.

Renowned for their aesthetic of delicately human circus, Casus Circus’ premier work Knee Deep is an international sensation. Performed in over 15 countries in 2015 alone, Knee Deep won international accolades including Best Circus & Physical Theatre 2016 Adelaide Fringe and Best Circus & Physical Theatre Avignon 2015.On the success of Knee Deep Casus have grown to an established touring company of ten acrobats, making up two casts which tour internationally with the shows Knee Deep, Tolu and Driftwood.

Originating in Brisbane Australia, the three co-founders remain company members and close friends. Their home-town values of humanity, friendship and connection flow throughout the company and their performances. It is this that forms the backbone of Casus’ signature style.

Casus Circus performances are rich in human connection, integrity, cultural diversity and precise, intelligent choreography. Acrobats fill the stage with momentum and stillness, with strength and fragility, and overwhelm audiences with breathless emotion that often leads to a silent theatre throughout the performance– followed by a standing ovation at the end.

Casus is recognised as a leader in contemporary circus on the international stage.

Off stage, Casus actively work to maintain their human connections through community engagement, education, and collaboration alongside their performance works.