Misha Reale

Swinging Cloudswing

All classes are one-on-one training, tailored to the individual’s skill level and personal goals.

Misha began her Circus career performing as an aerial artiste in the early 1990’s. She toured the UK and Europe with Skinning The Cat, The Circus of Horrors, Cottle & Austen’s Electric Circus and her own company Skydance. She returned to Australia and toured with Silver’s Grand Magic Circus. In 2003 Misha commenced working full time at The National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne, as an Aerial Trainer, specialising in Cloudswing. She coached private, one on one classes in the evenings and taught the Adult Intermediate/Advanced Aerial and Act Development classes at Circus Oz.
After a break from Circus Training, Misha has returned to Australia and is currently training young students at Spaghetti Circus and Circus Arts Byron Bay as well as coaching for Schools Gymnastics.
Her love of Aerial Performance especially Swinging Acts is completely evident in her teaching and training style, with patience, adaptability, enthusiasm, encouragement and energy for all students wishing to further their skills.