Karen Edelenbos

Games, Swing Dance

I’m currently teaching juggling basics at NICA, 2 years again I volunteered overseas in Central America teaching social circus, I also ran a circus convention in Mexico, in Spanish and performers in between hooking up running water, translating lighting cues from the German performers to the Spanish technicians, building tents and other random stuff
Last year (2016) I worked on a project in Arnhem Land on wellbeing and arts, I also went to the Solomon Islands with ‘clowns without borders’ to teach social circus and perform.
I also made a swing dancing circus show with my friend from Mexico
Lately I’ve been teaching a lot and not performing as much, but still managing to do the odd gig here and there in hoops or hat juggling or my kids show.
I still work at circus oz teaching and doing tent crew and Merch in the winter Melbourne season.
I thi k most of you guys know me
Last year I also taught at national training project at fruit flies and in January 2017 I taught a performance and skills intensive at warehouse circus