Jake Silvestro

Tumbling (Advanced)

TUMBLING (Advanced)
A tumbling class for anyone working on or refining advanced level skills. The workshop will be an opportunity to be guided through advanced skills as well as refine technique and style on advanced skills you may already have. Prerequisites are confident cartwheels, front handspring, roundoff, all basic rolls and participants should be attempting somersaults on the floor with or without spot).

Jake is one of the founding members of Poncho Circus. Having been brought up with gymnastics among other sports, Jake has always been a determined acrobat. He was introduced to circus and soon became a member of Warehouse Circus where he learnt a variety of skills in circus manipulation and group acrobatics, developing him into an all-round performer. This determination saw him expand his training to excel in Roué Cyr and Handstand Chair. These days Jake performs nationally and internationally with a variety of circus companies such as Casus and Madhouse Circus, while still developing his own work through Poncho Circus.

Jake also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Art. He is passionate about his art; both visual and performance, having incorporated live art into Poncho Circus shows in the past as well as developing the idea for future projects.