Duncan West

Pole, Group Acro

So you want to get skin grafts eh? I mean, Chinese Pole, you want to learn Chinese Pole. Suspend both your disbelief and yourself from the ceiling in a workshop concentrating on tricks, transitions, creative play and some ground movement. All levels catered for, but some grasp of the basics will always be an advantage…even if this is just knowing your own body (and knowing it’s not a cucumber). 

Duncan, possibly surprisingly, is a fairly circumspect individual. He was attracted to the bright lights of the performing life slowly, like a moth to a candle, and while occasionally singed around the edges is somewhat surprised that he hasn’t burst into flames just yet.

He started training acrobatics in 2010 after watching his younger brother (and chief inspiration) perform his graduation show at NICA. In need of a new hobby, he started teaching himself Chinese pole from youtube and a couple of years later began training hand-to-hand with a very generous electrical engineer who happened to be a (very) patient, ex-circus base. Training was done in the afternoons after work and was done purely for the joy of it, the friendship and the feeling of conquering new skills.

He joined CiRCA in 2013 and since then he has circus-navigated the globe, performing from New Zealand to Namur and from Orange to Athens. Offstage he spends most of his time, baking, eating and reading….. although he no longer has to work out which country he’s currently in after leaving CiRCA in 2016 to see what the rest of the world has to offer.