Daniel Rabin

Russian Bar

This workshop is open to both participants who have experience with Russian Bar and those who are new to it. Bases should expect to throw people in the air. Flyers should expect to be thrown in the air. Hopefully we will land on the bar after this happens. If we are extra lucky we may fit in a sault or two in between.

Must be able to base a two high confidently while walking
Must be able to fly a two high confidently
Must have an “intermediate” level of tumbling e.g. front or back handspring, or back sault
  • The workshop is limited to 6 flyers per session.

Daniel runs The Circus Spot, an independent circus school in Melbournes northern suburbs, which teaches over 450 kids and adults circus skills every week.

Prior to starting The Circus Spot, Daniel has worked in and around circus as a performer, teacher and rigger. He is a graduate of NICA and has a background in group acobatics – specifically Russian Bar and Banquine, as a solo performer, slackrope was his thing.