Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore

Booty and the Beats: Dance Workshop

These flavoursome dance sessions feature grooves from Jamaican Dancehall, Congolese Soukous to Afrobeat, house, 90’s hip hop jams and even Beyonce pop hits. Filled with are sexy shoulders, hula hips, fancy foot rhythms, pop, shake & grinds. Claudia focuses on supporting people’s enthusiasm for dance. She welcomes everyone to come as you are, move your body to the rhythm of the beat. Have fun, feel free and loose yourself to the beats!

Spreading her infectious and inspiring enthusiasm for dance and movement where ever she goes. Claudia’s teaching and performance experience varies from small intimate sessions to large scale festivals around Australia. Influenced from a variety of dance styles ranging from contemporary to hip hop and African all strung together with that common thread of roots rhythms and roundedness. Mix this with freestyle expression and that is where Claudia’s true colours shine.