Bianca Mackail

Movement Acro, Aerials: Scrap the Trick

This is a workshop that encourages participants to think outside the traditional structure of setting up the aerial trick. Transitions are often seen as just a way to get from trick to trick. Find your creativity and master your transitions and you’ll make an exceptional routine that’s truly yours. Prerequisite Intermediate to Advanced skill level An awareness of your equipment’s response to improvised movement. Open to thinking outside the box

Bianca Mackail is a multi skilled performer who combines strength, agility and grace in the air and on the floor. She has worked extensively in Australia and internationally working with companies such as Tumble Circus (Ireland), Circa (oz), Crack Up Sisters (oz), Cirque du Loin (Switzerland), Aerial Angel Productions (oz), Wilde Applause Productions(oz), Clowns without Borders(Sweden) and is co-founder of 3 is a Crowd circus company. A graduate of Circoarts New Zealand in 2004, Bianca has also trained with specialty trainers in the Ukraine, and Barcelona’s La Central del Circ. Highlights include, Opening Sydney festival with Circa, performing for the Queen of Malaysia and Hula Hooping in a Typhoon to a 10,000 standing audience in Taipei.
Over the last fifteen years, She has performed at festivals including Recklinghusen (Germany), Adelaide Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Sydney Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Hoopla Festival and to many to name though out Sweden,Holland, Denmark and Ireland She has also taught a variety of aerial, acrobatics and manipulation at Circoarts (New Zealand), Circa, Vulcana Woman’s Circus, Lunar circus WA and Spaghetti Circus (Australia).
In her spare time Bianca likes to collect random old things, sew costumes, build props and is learning to play the bagpipes.