Can you resist your chiming phone in intimate circumstances? Does the ping of notifications drag your attention away from important conversations? Can you fill empty moments of possible boredom without reaching for a device? Can you resist the potential Inertia of just too much information? The bodies of eight women test the threat of Inertia through physical action and reaction…bodies collide with bodies, bodies challenge gravity and weight, bodies bring down the looming, ever-present mobile tower to overcome inertia, and in so doing create powerful circus that is inventive, exciting and demanding, combining dynamic physicality with expressive performance.

Vulcana Women’s Circus is an incubator for women circus artists in Queensland and provides opportunities for learning processes, new collaborations, creative development and presentation of new work. Vulcana creates bold, intricate, and meaningful circus theatre. We use circus and movement as a physical language to express ideas of transformation, risk and expanded notions of “normal” and create circus and performance that promotes positive images of women. Our circus includes the highly-specialized skill of experienced circus performers, performers from other physical disciplines, and the accessible movement of non-circus performers. Our circus is collaborative, working across art forms, cultures, and communities.

Vulcana Performers: Eliza Gawne, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Madeleine Grant, Maite Miramontes, Regan Henry, Sally Walker, Shannon Stuart, Yonna Simon, Directors: Bianca Mackail, Celia White