Anna and Rachaels’ natural sibling-like relationship is brought to life in a charming partner acrobatic piece.

TEOC Circus is just over a year old, has already performed internationally, at three Australian Fringe festivals and has won two awards! As one of very few all female acrobatic troupes, we are competitive on the world stage with our technical skills and unique performance style. We are a tight-knit, passionate group of artists and are thrilled to be bringing such a new and exciting piece of work to the industry. ‘Entropy’ was born from a desire to fill a gaping hole in the professional circus scene in Australia, and indeed the world. We are taking this opportunity to help audiences overcome the stereotype of women in circus. TEOC demonstrates that female performers are capable of high level acrobatic skills, and that we are able to present them in creative and innovative ways. We hope to inspire a shift in what is perceived as feminism.