Spaghetti Circus

Proceed With Caution

‘Proceed With Caution’ is a new show for the Spaghetti Circus Performance Troupe.

Spaghetti Circus is Mullumbimby’s own Biggest Little Circus. The Performance Troupe teenagers train a couple of times a week and look after each other like a family.

Spaghetti Circus Performance Troupe are:¬†Gus Anderson, Jonothon Fox, Charlie Gill, Aquila Porter, Brahminy Porter, Lachlan Belleville, Reuben Poole, Rosalani Mordaunt, James, Bartlett, Ellen Bartlett, Mela Gordon, Luella Fitzgerald, Anais Stewart-Long, Nelle Lovatt, Zac Andrews, Harper Kelso, Petrina Hutchinson, Lachie Richards, Simone O’Brien.