The Space Cowboy and Zoe L’Amore

Sideshow stunt show featuring Sword Swallowing, Blindfold Arrow Catching, Acrobatic Angle Grinding and Chainsaw Juggling on 7m Unicycle.

The Space Cowboy is Australia’s most prolific Guinness World Record holder. He has 40 records the most ever held by any Australian! He charmingly performs an ever – expanding list of often ghoulish acts and is a master Sword Swallower. His extreme stunts and stardom have inspired a generation of sideshow performers to follow. He is without doubt one of the most successful and exciting Freak Show entertainers alive today! Zoe L’Amore (Oz) – ‘The Pain Proof Pin Up’… began performing Circus as a Trapeze Artist acquiring a passion for danger that has grown into a repertoire of bizarre stunts. Zoe combines her circus skills with sideshow thrills playing with Fire, Whips, Grinders, Swords, Electricity and more often upside down. She is renowned for her Pain Proof displays with style and grace.