Sam Oldham & Vanessa McGregor

Sergei and Svetlana The Strongest People in the World

Roll up! Roll up! To see the strongest people in the world! Sergei and Svetlana will amaze you with their strength and grace. This comical duo will leave you in stitches. Sergei and Svetlana will tumble, toss and tap their way into your hearts. An interactive show to suit all ages!  displaying feats of strength and showing that anything is possible.

Highly respected in their fields of acrobatics, flying trapeze and dance, the ‘Two Strong’ performers of Tales of a Strongman all come from very impressive backgrounds:

Sam Aldham began his life in circus at a young age, his father was a world famous human cannonball but was one day shot to far from the cannon into the ocean which led Sam to pursue a  career in circus in hope to find his father who was never found. He started this journey at Club Med Resorts as a flying trapeze performer and instructor.  Sam attended NICA where he trained in Cord de lisse (Vertical Rope), Comedy Acrobatics and Hoop Diving. With a background in theatre, he has over ten years experience as a circus performer and tutor.

Starting her career as a dancer at the age of 3, Vanessa McGregor became well known in the dance industry as the twinkle toes McGregor being one of 3 people in the world to do a quadruple axle in one leap. After many years performing, and creating her passion for circus saw her accepted into NICA where she trained in Doubles trapeze, foot juggling and hoop diving.