Rose Chalker McGann

Home Is Where The Heart Lays & I Don't Pretend To Know You

Rose moved around often when she was younger, at 15, she made the decision to make Australia a permanent home where she hoped to connect with and understand her Aboriginal culture and family. She then found herself in Melbourne at The Victorian College Of The Arts studying a Bachelor of Fine Art. During her studies, she discovered circus at a music event and was inspired by its physicality. After three years of a printmaking degree she found her work was integrating with her love of circus. To investigate that further she did an Honours year that explored those elements where she transported her printmaking knowledge and circus to live, installation base performance art. Her work aimed to push the body’s boundaries and exploring its ability to speak with movement and sound. Since completion in 2015, she has been moving with the fringe circuit. These festivals exposed her to the performance world, what they can offer and expect. Circus had become the sole focus and she realised it was where her true love of the arts lay. Whilst working the Edinburgh Fringe she was invited to take part in the BLAKflip program at Circus OZ, which she eagerly accepted. She continued onto the creation of ‘Model Citizen’ with the new Circus Oz ensemble of 2017. Now in-between contracts, she is using this time to develop and explore her solo exploration and interpretation in circus.