Maite Miramontes

Through the use of movement and tumbling, this piece explores the repetition of work, day after day, month after month. The exhaustion and feeling of being stuck in your job. The expectations placed on yourself, the pressure and never ending paperwork. The performer transitions from frustration to exhilaration by throwing paper, spinning, slipping, turning and exploding through the space.

Maite has been involved with circus for over six years after finishing up her competitive career in gymnastics. Maite started off with aerials and in the past years has reunited with her love of tumbling. Maite has appeared at corporate events for Wilde Applause and in a number of works for Vulcana Women’s Circus; including the Vulcana ensemble which performed Inertia at the 2016 Wonderland Festival, and will return for a second season at the festival.

Maite is also a member of newly formed company Common Thread Circus, premiering their show Resting B*tch Face at the 2017 Wonderland Festival.