Company Here And Now

Perhaps Hope

A changing world, becoming dirtier, more cramped, and warmer. Most of us don’t care. Why should we? Framed as a dreaming on climate change and the destabilisation of our planet’s environment, Perhaps Hope (formerly titled Perhaps There Is Hope Yet) explores the stark reality of climate change in this breathtakingly honest eco-apocalyptic circus show.

Examine the humanity behind the masses, and the thinly veiled beauty hiding beneath the ugliness. This humorous, delicate and tension-filled work will leave you with a renewed optimism, and perhaps hope…

Drawing inspiration from chaos theory, biomimicry and current social commentary and complemented with an arresting soundtrack (Laurie Anderson, Olivier Messiaen, Arca), Company Here And Now add their voice to the politico-scientific debate on the global climate challenge.

Armed with extraordinary skill, striking imagery, an obstinate and creativity-fuelled optimism, Perhaps Hope dares you to believe that we can overrule inertia and ‘save the planet’, one exquisite design idea at a time.

Formerly named “Perhaps There Is Hope Yet”, Perhaps Hope had its European Premiere at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 and earned them a prestigious Total Theatre Award nomination for Best Circus, and was the winner of the “Original New Circus” award upon it’s debut at Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015.

Perhaps Hope has been praised by critics and audience alike for it’s beauty, uniqueness and bravery:
“daringly original and unexpectedly moving… The impact of this tightly-structured work sneaks up on you… they quietly and intelligently achieve the wow factor.”
– Donald Hutera, The Times UK
“(they) bring intelligence and a keen artistic sensibility to their performance, which is enchanting, entrancing and at times breath-holdingly, heart-stoppingly brilliant.”
-Peter Burdon, Adelaide Advertiser

“Perhaps Hope is what circus should be. There are no gimmicks or anything to hide behind. Stone and Van Berkel not only keep themselves exposed to our scrutiny but also expose the cracks in our environment. A show that needs to be seen.”
– Theatre Press