Beeswax & Bottlecaps

The Boy Who Was Born With A Moustache

What happens when you don’t quite fit? When you simply don’t look like everybody else? This adventurous tale follows Manfred Mellinski, an unusual boy born with a golden curl upon his face, in a show for both the young and young at heart. One of Australia’s much loved children’s presenters, Monica Trapaga and her quirky family bring exciting circus skills, slapstick comedy and storytelling together to tell of the “Boy Who Was Born With a Moustache,” a fable about facing up to adversity and turning your supposed foibles into your finest attribute.

Beeswax and Bottlecaps are the combined creative minds of George Le Couteur and Lil Tulloch. Performing together for the last 6 years, they have formed an independent production company based in Sydney. They have established B&B Studios (2014), an independent studio space and performance venue, as well as produced independent theatre works, roving interactive theatre and large scale performances for the commercial and corporate market. They have been touring with Circus Quirkus New Zealand together for the last 6 years, have held resident contracts with The Star Casino (2016, 2017) and have featured in Australian Circus Festivals throughout the country. With a strong focus on creating independent work, and a healthy obsession for the art of clown, slapstick and vaudeville, this duo has created and toured several independent shows including notable works “The Boy Who Was Born with a Moustache’ and “Gandini’s Medical Marvels.”