Training Program Schedule

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*Timetable subject to change

Web version below updated 23/9/17

  700-800 800-830 845-1015 1030-1200 1200-1300 1300-1430 1445-1615 1630-1800 1800-1830 1830-1900
Back Shed Studio 1     Teeterboard
Lachlan Sukroo,
Matthew Brown,
Ian Richardson (Poncho)
 Tumbling (Adv)
Jake Silvestro
 Tumbling (Int)
Anna Murray,
Rachel Boyd (TEOC)
Basket Pitching
Chris Carlos,
Andre Augustus,
Annalise Moore
Swing Pitch
Jonathan Morgan,
Sarah Berrell,
Piri Goodman
(One Fell Swoop)
General Skills and Games for Youth
Hannah Richards,
Aleshanee Kelso   
Back Shed Studio 2     Teeterboard
Lachlan Sukroo,
Matthew Brown,
Ian Richardson (Poncho)
Get Sprung! Tramp, Wall Running, Tumbling and Parkour
Jonas Liu & Liam Lind
  Acro 3 High
Shannon McGurgan
Acro 2 High (Beg)
Marianna Joslin
Russian Bar
Daniel Rabin
Spaghetti Shed 1 Vinyasa Yoga
Shoshannah Orenstein
Warm Up
Leonie Mills
Cyr Wheel
George Le Couteur
Handstands (Beg)
Anna Murray,
Rachael Boyd (TEOC)
  Wheel (Beg)
Abby Duruz,
Jarrad Cuff
Wheel (Int/Adv)
Harlequin Spirals
Simon Wright,
Riley McDonald
Myofascial Roll and Release Techniques & Yin Yoga
Rachael Gibson
Spaghetti Shed 2     Hand to Hand / Trio Acro
Chris Carlos,
Malia Walsh
Hand Balance (Adv)
Alex Mizzen
Handstands (Int)
Emily Chivers (One Fell Swoop)
Tumbling (Beg)
Emily Hughes
Movement Acro 
Bianca Mackall, Alex Mizzen
Spaghetti Shed 3     Group Acro (Int)
Britt Portelli,
Duncan West
Static Trapeze (Int/Adv) Not Just Turning Tricks
Lil Tulloch
Static Trapeze (Beg)* Rebekah Kordas    
Big Top Spaghetti   Verticles – Techniques & Act Creation*
Helene Embling,
Aaron Walker
Charise Rust,
Piri Goodman
(One Fall Swoop)
Tissu (Int)*
Vestri Mendum
Tissu (Beg/Int)*
Roseanne Chalker-McGann
Big Top Oz 1     Acro (Beg)
Shannon McGurgan
Rani Huszar
  Foot Juggling (Beg/Int)
Luke Thomas


Chinese Pole* 
Duncan West

Acro For Samller Bases
Mon & Tues

Spenser Inwood
Sharon Gruenert
Theatrical Adagio
Wed & Thurs
Nick Cilento, Allie Wilde
Discover Your Clown
Xavier Sisquella
All in Stretch    
Big Top Oz 2     Duo Trapeze (Beg)*
Andrew Cohen, Bailey Cutts
Duo Trapeze (Int)*
Vanessa McGregor
  Scrap the Trick Aerials*
Bianca Mackail
Aerial Rope* (Beg- Int)
Sam Aldham
Aerial Rope *(Int-Adv)    Stu Christie  
Outdoor Rig Swinging Cloud*
Misha Reale
Swinging Cloud*
Misha Reale
  Swinging Trapeze*
Josie Wardrope
Swinging Trapeze*
Josie Wardrope
Tissu (Adv)*
Luke Thomas
Petit Rig Petit Volant* (Beg)
Spenser Inwood, Sharon Gruenert
Petit Volant* (Int – Adv)
Spenser Inwood, Sharon Gruenert
Lyra* (Beg- Int)
Lil Tulloch
Lyra*  (Int – Adv)
Free Coulston
Queen Bee Tent Mad Logic: Finding Your Clown
Alicia Battestini
Building Ensemble through Game Play
Rebekah Kordas,
Mathew Davis
Improvisation – Tips, Tricks and Ideas
Daniel Oldaker
Trash Test Dummies

Ground-based Act Development


Cafe Tent Diablo
Nigel Martin
Devil Sticks
Jai Lee
Hat Juggling
Daniel Gorski
Juggling (Int/Adv)
Joe Fisher,
Byron Hutton
Juggle Passing
Juggle Lab
Ives Renegade Stage Hula Hoops for all levels
Claire Ogden
Hoop Prance
Suzy Leigh
Booty and the Beats – Dance Workshop
Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore
Poultry Pavillion Swing Dance
Wed & Thurs
Karen Edelenbos & Jamie Bretman

Get Your Act Together 

Frodo Sandven

Rola Bola Knowledge Drop
Ryan Darwin
(One Fell Swoop)
Director’s Lab
Deb Batton,
Sue Broadway
Balloon Twisting – Pump It Up
Ciara Thorburn
La Tree Slackrope
Jonathon Morgan,
Charise Rust
(One Fell Swoop)
Jeff Turpin
Juggled Percussion with Chuka Chuks
Joel Salom
Games for Play, Creation and Groups
Mon & Tues
Karen Edelenbos
Mischief Making
Wed & Thurs

Mitch Jones
Magic Space The Basics of Rubik’s Cube

Byron Hutton
Music Editing Vincent Van Berkel Card Manipulation
Matt Casey
Flying Trapeze Big Rig Flying Trapeze*
Steen Shoar
Flying Trapeze*
Steen Shoar
Flying Trapeze*
Steen Shoar
Fly Factory Practice   Fly Factory Practice