Shep Huntly

shep huntly
The art of the MC

An attempt to unlock the secrets of good hosting.

Shep has been on the stage since the age of eight when he played the lead in his primary school play. He was in all the school plays through primary and secondary school until he went to Ballarat University to study drama.

It was here that he discovered circus and joined a local circus troup Circus in a Suitcase. Circus in a Suitcase performed at hundreds of schools across the state, country festivals, fairs and supermarkets.

Shep did a little more tertiary study at Rusden College of the Arts in Melbourne and then went straight back to Circus in a Suitcase.

In the early 1990’s Shep discovered the circle busking show and took to it like a fish to water.

He first went all over Australia performing his unique street show on the bed of nails. In 1996 Shep went to England and Europe to perform. Then every year for the next 14 years Shep followed the summers and the festivals as he established himself as one of the world’s elite street performers.

In 1999, Shep and 3 friends founded Australia’s Premier Freakshow,“The Happy Sideshow”.

In the next 5 years The Happy Sideshow toured the world constantly, from Japan to Croatia, performing at festivals, in theatres and at rock concerts in front of 30,000 people. The Happy Sideshow were commissioned by the Sydney Opera House to create a show especially for “The House” and then invited back twice more to perform two other shows. Shep has now starred in 4 seperate shows at The Sydney Opera House.

Since The Happies parted ways Shep has continued to bring sideshow to modern audiences. He founded The League of Sideshow Superstars,  an upbeat, edgy, exciting show that showcases the talents of Australia’s contemporary sideshow artists at Royal Shows and Arts Festivals alike.

Sheps newest project is The DiRtY BroTheRs, an independent 3 man theatre/ sideshow company that has created a show, “The Dark Party” which is literally taking the world by storm.

The Dark Party is a completely new blend of theatre and sideshow stunts, the  likes of which the world has never seen. It is wowing audiences and receiving rave reviews from critics around the globe .

The DiRtY BroTheRs have big plans for the future, first is a sequel to The Dark Party incorporating projections, technology and live music.