Louise Clarke & Nigel Martin

louise clarke & nigel martin

‘How to structure a street show’, including developing techniques on how to building a crowd and then how to hold that crowd. ‘Hatting lines’ and where to put them, street etiquette and tricks of the trade.

Bamboozled is the collaborative brainchild of renowned Adelaide performers Nigel Martin and Louise Clarke, whose vision for unique roving and stage performances has seen them tour successfully around the Australia and the globe for over 20 years. They have appeared at festivals and events such as Glastonbury Music festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the London Olympics 2012 (UK), Kim Tom Clown Festival (China), Fun 4 Kids (VIC) Tour Down Under, State Dinners, Melbourne Commonwealth Games and countless others.

Bamboozled latest venture has been the development and creation of custom made Theatre Venues that they offer for hire. Seating 50 to 200 people and including sound, lighting, and complete installation they have been highly successful at The Adelaide Fringe over the last four years.