KT Prescott

KT Prescott 2
How to train your charcoal

We will learn to observe and draw in situ with charcoal. Nothing is to escape our keen eye, from performers training their bodies to performing onstage, a wealth of humans in motion. we may even
study the fine anatomy of a circus performer if we can pin one down.

Can you hold a pencil in your hand, mouth or foot? Great. then you’ll be fine. It will also help to have at least one working eye.


KT tumbled into the mayhem of giant puppet theatre (Snuff Puppets, since 1997) and The Tiny Top world of sideshow, spruiking, popcorn, and banners…after quitting a career exhibiting as a fine artist. Cut to 2014 – that career made its way back into her hands. These days KT can often be found drawing the circus, making art in situ, or in her studio, as well as performing on stage, street and screen. Live Portrait Atelier is her latest art project.