Julie Hanssens

julie hanssens
Hoops (Hoop Dance)

Traditional circus hooping is quite static…Hoop Dance is all about putting the flow into your hoop moves… so in the workshop we will take your Hoop for a Spin around the floor, the stage or the park! Dance & movement can add a lot to a simple move. We will be working with on & off body plus hand hooping moves. Starting with 1 hoop tricks and then adding more as you may or may not wish to. The workshop/s will cover some tricks, work with choreography and connecting your tricks in flow with your own unique dance style.

If you see a little pink haired, freckle faced, bubbly girl (at heart) laughing & spinning around you’ve probably found Jewelz A Hoopz! Jewelz’s true passion is travelling and then her life spun her into the hoop! Then she spun around the world with her hoops.
She has trained with well-known Australian and international hula hoopists. Jewelz has received inspiration and training through classes and workshops in traditional circus, technical circus hoop skills, hoop dance, movement & flow, physical theatre, a dabbling of clowning, choreography, various dance forms, yoga and laughter yoga.
She has taught little & big people from 2 – 85yo, nationally and internationally.
She loves spinning all shapes, sizes & types of hoops. Mini-hoops, regular hoops, Squoops, LED’s and Fire hoops & the non-hoop form of fire fans!
Her tag line from the beginning has been “Hoopy Loopy Happiness” and that’s exactly what she loves to bring to herself and to anyone who wants to get spun into the hoop loop.

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