George Le Couteur

george le couteur
Cyr (beginner/intermediate)

This class will give you an opportunity to get to know a Roue Cyr. Learning to manoeuvre in and around the prop this class is for anyone who has wanted to learn how to spin around in circles. We will look at manipulation and control of the wheel to give you the foundations to take it further.

George’s love of play and daring has led him into the world of circus. Formally trained at CircoArts (New Zealand, 2 years) he has been a permanent member of Circus Quirkus for the last six years, touring through Australia and New Zealand. George has toured with the David Castle Project, The Great Australian Jumping Circus and taken independent shows to a number of Fringe Festivals and Sydney’s Hoopla Festival. George’s personal pursuits led him to be a co-founder of The Ice Cream Factory an independent venue in the heart of Brisbane that provided a performance platform for the rogue and independent performer (2011-2013). Upon meeting Lil Tulloch he has relocated to Sydney to share their common goal of creating human, intimate circus productions. They have established their production company Beeswax and Bottlecaps as well as an independent venue and circus training space “B&B Studios” in Marrickville Sydney.