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Flying Trapeze

Our flying trapeze workshops will challenge you mentally and physically. You will be taught fundamental skills based on learning how to take control of your body when landing in the net, whether it’s from a swing, trick position or catch. Under the supervision and skilled instruction of Steen Shoar, Dylan Ehrenburg and Paul Brown, you will be given every opportunity to progress further in your flying skills over the 4 days of training.

To participate in the flying trapeze workshops you must be able to swing without training lines and be able to work the board (send each other off, hook the fly bar, remove the riser and send return bars). If you feel you are close to this and have any questions you may email us prior to the training week to discuss the options.

There will be 3 sessions per day with 6 people in each session, limiting it to a total of 18 people selected to fly for the 4 days. You must be able to commit to the same time each day once you sign up. If you miss a workshop you may loose your place.