Daniel Tobias

daniel tobias
Performance Making 101 - The Building Blocks

Have you ever been in rehearsals leading up to your first performance and thought, “Not all of the bits of my character/song/act are fitting together”. This workshop is an opportunity to do some creative problem solving before you get on the floor.

Who are you making this show for? Why are you doing this? Do you want to tour nationally or internationally?

Daniel Tobias is a freelance writer, performer and creative producer. His work with art rock cabaret duo Die Roten Punkte has been nominated for ten Greenroom Awards, taking out Best Production in 2008. They have also been nominated for the Total Theatre Award (Edinburgh) 2009 and the TO&ST (Time Out & Soho Theatre) Cabaret Award 2013. Since 2007, Die Roten Punkte has been touring consistently to North America, Europe and the UK.

In February 2015, Daniel premiered his solo show, The Orchid and the Crow at The Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne. Reflecting on Daniel’s real life (and almost death) experiences, Orchid is a tragi-comedy about faith, sex, identity and ritual.