Chloe de Buyl-Pisco

chloe de buyl pisco
Tissu: advanced silks

Looking at high level of technical sequences, focusing on rare figures, choreographies and unique drops.

Also an opportunity to learn how to completely break away from our default ways of moving in silks. Chosing to blow wide open our menu of movements styles and varying qualities.

Featuring advanced aerial “Barre” – neuromuscular reprogramming: in the equipment we work on component parts of the technique with an aim to
to fine tune length of line, economy of energy, ease of movement and intelligent use of our body mechanics.

Which is less tiring than pure heft.
And frees you up to express something more personal to you.

Chloe de Buyl-Pisco is a director, choreographer, dancer, and aerialist. She thrives most when working with marginalised groups in the community, helping them find their own voice and providing the creative tools and platforms to showcase their stories. She has created and directed three companies through her twenties and is now more focused on individual project based adventures.

She has performed all over the globe, in a myriad of roles and capacities. Most recently: she created CLING, a circus show with 8 artists all working from or on a 100 metre long, very high tight wire; she was also projected in 7 continents simultaneously for the Sigur Rós project Varoeldur; played the lead in “Call me Maria”, (in Spanish), a full length circus show telling the story of 1950’s Barcelona, She has performed aerial solos at Windsor Castle estate, created shows for C!RCA Zoo and directed huge scale shows with casts of up to 600 performers, with aerialists on cranes, massive skate boarding launch ramps and much more.

She has always believed that the role of the artist is to shake things up, invoke humanity, challenge thinking, and basically: inspire the revolution!
As the muses of human societies through the ages, artists have a sacred duty, (as was the ethos of traditional native American-Indian clowns), to simply show the tribe a truth that they need to see.

She is most excited about her latest show in development: “The Oxytocin Show”, this is the show she has always wanted to make!