Celia White & Anni Davey

celia white
Director's Lab

Director’s Lab Ingredients:

*2 experienced circus directors and performance makers

*Your ideas – half-formed, fully-formed, anywhere in between

*Your co-artists

Stir ingredients with investigation, play, the microscope of dramaturgy, and a good dollop of collaboration. Bake for 2 hours to 4 days And see the delicacies of this exploration into making circus performance emerge.

Celia White is a performance maker and director of contemporary circus and physical theatre. She has a long history of work, as a performer and director, exploring the potential of meaning originating from the body and visual languages. She has created and performed work with Legs on the Wall at the forefront of the development of physical theatre as a genre, and the aerial company Club Swing and the Party Line both feminist physical theatre companies. She has directed, devised and collaborated on site-specific and contemporary performance, community theatre and circus theatre across Australia. She is currently Artistic Director of Vulcana Women’s Circus.